Baby Boomers and the Three Waves of Wealth Creation

Michael Lee Chin, and Portland Holdings, have a stellar track record when it comes to building billion dollar private entities.

This success was built on Michael’s tried and tested ‘Laws of Wealth Creation’ and the application of this approach has enabled Michael and his team to identify what they believe is the next “wave” of wealth creation.

To share his knowledge in this area, Michael Lee Chin recently hosted an event with NCB Cayman where attendees heard live from Michael about some of the exciting private equity investment opportunities available through Portland group of companies’ “Billion Dollar Club” during Q1 of 2021.

The event highlighted a private equity investment opportunity in the precision-oncology field, where the investees have developed molecularly targeted precision oncology – to treat cancers without the need for chemotherapy and radiation therapies.

To learn more about this, and other exclusive investment opportunities available through NCB Cayman, and the broader Portland network, please contact Portfolio Manager, Alessandro Sax, CFA.



An interview with Alessandro Sax on the Founders Fund

Through its partnership with parent company Portland Holdings Inc, and sister bank Clarien Investments Limited in Bermuda, NCB Capital Markets (Cayman) Limited is launching a unique, new fund in the Cayman market. Emma Parker chatted to Alessandro Sax about the newly launched Founders Fund.

Founders Fund

The Founders Fund holds a concentrated portfolio of high-quality, global businesses that are leaders within strong, long term industries and demonstrate what our Chairman, Michael Lee Chin, describes as a strong ‘founders mentality’.

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